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ARI Editor's Note : most of the ring sites are serious. But a few of them can be found to be 'especial', like the 'creationists' sites !
The number of Ring sites was checked on : January 9, 2006.

Ancient Civilizations of the Americas - 22 sites.
("This site deals with Amerindian Mound Builders, Archaeology of the Americas and Native American Culture. We are dedicated to correcting the misconceptions and romantic notions about Native Americans and their civilizations as well as fostering an interest in this area of study.")

Ancient Nile Webring - 32 sites.
("This is the largest and most successful Ring dedicated to sites featuring Ancient Egyptian content. The Ancient Nile Webring welcomes all sites that feature Ancient Egypt from the pre-dynastic to and including the Ptolemaic era. If your site contains information on the People, History, Politics, Religious beliefs, Mythology, Gods, Goddesses, Archaeology, Art, Pyramids and Architecture of this culture that once flourished along the banks of the ancient Nile, this webring is for you!")

Anthropology Web Ring - 73 sites.
("Collection of Anthropology Web Pages on the Internet".)

Archaeology on the Net Ring web sites - 114 sites.
("'Archaeology on the Net' aims to provide a resources guide for archaeology related sites on the internet".)

Archaeology Ring web sites - 89 sites.
("The 'Archaeology Ring' groups all the sites with archaeological content. All these sites belong to associations or foundations which perform or describe archaeological excavations. Field Work servers are welcome on this ring, too. There is no limitation regarding the period; the range is from prehistorical, protohistorical, classical up to modern industry archaeology.")

iAnthropology - 21 sites.
("Internet resources by Anthropologists about Anthropology.")

Irish Stones - 12 sites.
("A ring that holds sites that provide information on Irish megalithic buildings.")

Languages and linguistics - 80 sites.
("An original webring dating back to 1996, it is for websites with an expressed interest in languages and/or linguistics")

Musethno - 4 sites.
("A Webring to link ethnographic museums trough the cyber world.")

Paleo Ring - 158 sites .
"The Paleo Ring is a developing collection of Websites that promote Paleontology, Paleoanthropology, Prehistoric Archeology, The Evolution of Behavior, and Evolutionary Biology in general. Take a ride through the past and learn how life as we know it came to be. The goal is to develope into a valuable tool for education.")

Stone Circle - 234 sites.
("The Stone Circle A Webring devoted to Stone Circles, Megaliths and other Prehistoric Sites. Our sites feature hundreds of images, travel guides, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and new thinking on the subject.")

Stone tool technology webring - 6 sites.
("The Stone Tool Technology Webring is devoted to stone tools and the technologies associated with their manufacture techniques. Also, the properties of lithics -- functional and technological including: flintknapping, microwear analysis, experimental archeology, and typological aspects.")

Visual Anthropology - 7 sites.
("The Visual Anthropology webring lists sites relevant to the production and study of ethnographic, folkloric, and anthropological film, video, photography,and archives.")

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