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Contemporary Approaches to World Rock Art

International Federation of Rock Art Organizations

Rock art Net
> Southern African Rock Art (Steve Lonker web site)

Africa :

African Archaeology Virtual Library :

African rock art

African Rock Art : Apollo 11 (ca.25,500-23,500 BC) and Wonderwerk (ca.8,000 BC) Cave stones - from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA) timeline

Dabous rock in the Air Mountains of Niger, Africa

National Museum of Namibia rock art exhibition

Public rock art sites of southern Africa's central interior (South Africa - part of the National Museum Rock Art Department)

Rock art : the Rock Paintings of the Upper Brandberg (Namibia)

Rock art of Twyfelfontein, Namibia

Rock art of western Central Africa

Rock Art Research Institute, University of the Witwatersrand

Southern African Rock Art (Steve Lonker web site)

Trust for African Rock Art (TARA)
Asia :

Cave paintings of India

Images of lost Civilization : the ancient rock art of Upper Tibet

Kalimanthrope, Le (in french, parts in english - Groupe de recherche pluridisciplinaire sur Kalimantan, Borneo)

Northern Tibet Exploration: Archaeological discoveries of the Changthang circuit expedition 1999 (a preliminary report)

Prehistoric rock paintings of Bhimabetaka (India)

Rock art of Lake Namtso, Tibet

Australia and Pacific :

Ancient Hawaiian Petroglyphs (United States)

Australian Rock Art Research Association

Easter Island rock art and Statues

Europe :

Age du Bronze : 1300 ans d'histoire en Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France; follow 'art rupestre' link)

Arte parietal paleolítico (in spanish, rock art in Spain)

British Rock Art Collection

Cave art in Siberia (Russia)

Chauvet Pont-d'Arc cave (France)

EURA, rock art in the Alps ( with links to some sites on rock art in the alps : Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France)

EuroPreart : European Prehistoric Art (on prehistoric art from Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, online database)

La grotte Chauvet Pont d'Arc (France)

La grotte de Lascaux (France; in french and english)

La Pintura Prehistorica Levantina ("Pla del Castell" a Tavertet (Osona, Catalunya, Spain))

Mont Bego petroglyphs (France; from the Alpine Art web site)

Newgrange and megalithic art (United Kingdom)

Northumberland Rock Art, Web access to the Beckensall archive (United Kingdom)

Palaeolithic art in France

Prehistoric temples of Malta

Rock Art in the British Landscape

Rotstekeningen in Bohuslän (Sweden's east coast rock art - in dutch)

Tanums Hällristningsmusuem (Museum and Rock Art Research Centre, english and swedish)

Val Camonica rock art (numerous links to rock art resources and to Valcamonica art, Italy)

Walking on the rock art paths/Sui sentieri dell'arte rupestre (educational rock art site created by middle-school children - in italian)

Middle East :

Archéologie et art rupestre en Djezireh syrienne. Mission de Khishâm
Campagne 2001. Art rupestre :
Campagne 2002. Art rupestre à Khishâm-2 :
Campagne 2002. Art rupestre à Kefra :
Campagne 2003. Art rupestre à Khishâm-1, Secteur 3 :
Campagne 2003. Art rupestre à Khishâm-2 :
Campagne 2003. Art rupestre à Kefra :
Campagne 2004. Art rupestre à Kefra :
Campagne 2004. L'art rupestre du Hemma :
Campagne 2004. L'art rupestre de Khishâm-1-Sud et Nord :
Campagne 2005. Archéologie et art rupestre à Bashkoy :
Campagne 2005. Art rupestre à Kefra :
Campagne 2005. Art rupestre à 'b n-Naga :
Campagne 2005. Art rupestre à al-Harbawi :
Campagne 2005. Art rupestre à Kon Attar :
North America :

A Guided Tour of Coso Rock Art (California)

American Rock Art Research Association (United States)

An outline of Utah Rock Art

Burro Flats, Chumash Rock Art (California, United States)

Carrot Men site (rock art, Colorado, United States)

Cave paintings of Baja California (United States)

Chumash Rock Art (California, United States)

Deer Valley rock art Center

Eastern States Rock Art Research Association (United States)

Grand Canyon Polychrome Pictographs (Arizona, United States)

Les Pétroglyphes de Saint-Victor - The Saint-Victor Petroglyphs (Canada)

Les sites rupestres de la forêt boréale, Québec (Canada)

Links to rock-art sites

Mockingbird Canyon : rock art (California)

Palatki : 6000 Years of Arizona Rock Art (United States)

Petroglyphs and rock art : Los Lunas, Valencia County, New Mexico (United States)

Petroglyphs and rock Paintings (United States; Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah, Mexico))

Petroglyphs US (Rock art sites in California, the adjacent southwest and Northern Baja)

Rock art acoustics

Rock Art around the U.S.

Rock Art at Rice

Rock art, Brian Lee's page (Colorado, Utah)

Rock Art Foundation (San Antonio, Texas, United States)

Rock Art in Arkansas (United States)

Rock Art of Baja California (Mexico) and Coso (California, United States)

Rock Art of the Southwest (United States)

Rock Art pages (Arizona, Colorado, Utah)

Rock art pages (rock art from west and southwest US)

Rock art studies : a bibliographic database

San Emigdio Trip - California

Sego Canyon Rock Art Site (Utah, United States)

Southwestern United States Rock Art Gallery

Stone watch - the world of petroglyphs

TOMOL : An On-Line Archive of Digital Images of Rock Art from the Western United States

Upper Midwest Rock Art Research Association (UMRARA; United States)

Utah Rock Art Research Association (URARA; United States)

South and Central America :

Arte rupestre : Carib, Venezuela

Arte Rupestre: Pinturas rupestres y petroglifos

Bolivian rock art Research Society : rock art in Bolivia at the Bradshaw Foundation

Bolivian Rock Art Research Society - the official web site

Rock art of Campeche and other Islands (Brazil)

Rupestre (annual publication of GIPRI especialized in rock art of Colombia and Latin America)

Rupestre Web : arte rupestre en America Latina (rock art from : Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela)

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