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General :

The Long Foreground. Human Prehistory [learning module from Washington State University]

The Antiquity of Man, by Mikey Brass

Human Prehistory: An Exhibition

Prehistoric Cultures [course summary]

Reflections on Prehistory, by James Q. Jacobs (1996)

The Joint Prehistoric Project, from ABZU

The Development of Western Civilization. The Prehistoric Period, from The Creative Impulse
Bibliography :

The Comparative Archaeology Web
Evolution :

Becoming Human

Evolution. A Journey into Where We're From, from PBS

Institute of Human Origins

The Leakey Foundation

Anthrologogy-Human Origins

Bill Moyers, Genesis. A Livin Conversation, from PBS

Evolution and Behavior

Evolution Update

Fossil Hominids. The Evidence for Human Evolution [includes creationist theories]

History of Evolutionary Thought

Hominids 2000 [offers extensive research data]

Human Origins

Paleoanthropology in the 1990's, essays by James Q. Jacobs

Physical Anthropology Tutorials [a number of excellent learning modules]

The Major Works of Charles Darwin

The Talk.Origins Archive
Timelines :

Genetics in context : a comparative timeline

Times to Remember

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