Physical Anthropology, Palaeo-anthropology
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Note : this page is devoted to human evolution. This means absolutely nil reference is made here to "creationist" sites. The sites showing that evolution better explains facts / data than creationism (and I am generous with creationism) are listed here for our north american friends. Science shows evolutionism is the best scientific hypothesis to explain the data we have, and that creationism has more to do with beliefs than with science. Full stop.

ADAM : a database for Anthropology (in french - 4,000 sites and 50,000 skeletons)

African Primates at Home (with audio of primate vocalizations)

A look at modern humans origins

Anth 1101 Human Origins Website

Anthropologie biologique : nécropoles et trépanations - (in french)

Anthropology Human Origins Website

Aux origines de l'homme, les hominidés Abel et Toumaï (site of the "Les Amis de la Paléontologie au Tchad")

Base d'Anthropologie physique du Niger

Becoming human : palaeoanthropology, evolution and human origins (requires a Flash player and broad band)

Biological Anthropology Links

Biological Anthropology Resources on the World Wide Web

Biological Anthropology Web

Charles Darwin a biographical review (in french)

Congreso de la Asociacion Latinoamericana de Antropologia Biologica (ALAB)', Piriápolis (Uruguay) (in english and spanish)

Development of the Genus Homo

Earliest known human ancestor discovery : a skull discovered in the deserts of Central Africa belongs to our earliest known human ancestor (editor's note : read West Africa instead of Central Africa !!)

Early Hominid Evolution : A Survey of the Australopithecines and Related Genera

Enter Evolution : Theory and History

Evolution : a journey into where we're from and where we're going

Evolution happens : questions and answers

Faunal taphonomy
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list of schools believed to offer training in forensic anthropology, human osteology, and related fields :
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Forensic Anthro Com

Fossil Hominids

Frequently Asked Questions about Evolution


Hominid Evolution (Hunterian Museum)

Hominid Paleo-ethology

Homo Dmanisi : 1.75 million year old Republic of Georgia

Human evolution : introduction to human evolution (project of the Australian Museum, Sydney)

Human origins

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa

Human Prehistory : an exhibition

Icons of evolution ? Why much of what Jonathan Wells writes about evolution is wrong

In Search of Neanderthals

Issues on evolution - action bioscience org

Late Pleistocene human population bottlenecks , Volcanic winter and differentiation of modern humans

Marci's Anthro Page

Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeology (alternative view of human evolution)

National Center for Science Education : Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools

Neandertals: A Cyber Perspective

Neanderthals on trial

Not Out of Africa but regional continuity

Old Bones, New Connections (A recently unearthed fossil has scientists rethinking early hominoid evolution)

Online skeleton, The

Origins and Evolution of Human Diet

Paleoanthropology in the 1990s'

Paleoanthropology links

Paleopathology : Injuries and Abnormalities

Peter Brown's Australian and Asian Palaeoanthropology

Physical Anthropology in Italy ("Le discipline bio-antropologiche in italia")

Piltdown Man

Placing the Orce Hominid into the Throphic Chain. Trace Element Analysis by ICP/MS in the Venta Micena Site (Orce, Granada, Spain)
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Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralizatin Research Site (with links to other primate sites)

Resources for the Anthropological Study of Food Habits


Secrets of the dead. Search for the first humans

Society for Nordish Physical Anthropology
(dedicated to previous physical-anthropological research into the various indigenous populations of northern Europe)

Spoilheap : Burial Archaeology

Spoilheap : Human Bones

The eSkeletons Project

The Extinction of Iberian Neandertals and Its Implications for the Origins of Modern Humans in Europe
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The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China

The Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution Human origins program : in search of what makes us human

The Talk.Origins Archive : exploring the creation/evolution controversy

Time-Space Chart of Hominid Fossils

Time for one of the last Neanderthals (Le Moustier, France)
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" Tous parents, tous différents " (online exhibition - in french)

Unitat de Paleo-etologia Homínida
(Seminari d'Estudis i Recerques Prehistòriques (S.E.R.P.), Dpt. de Prehistòria, Història Antiga i Arqueologia, Universitat de Barcelona)
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Virtual skeleton

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Gondole site, France (Iron Age) multiple burial. Copywright Ulysse Cabezuelo / Inrap 2002
Gondole site, France (Iron Age)
multiple burial
© Ulysse Cabezuelo / Inrap 2002