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Anthropology in the news (maintained by the Anthropology Department of the Texas A and M University up to November 1, 2008, since then not updated)

Antiquity Bulletin

Archaeologica news (updated on a daily basis !)

Archaeology News - Topix Net (mainly on the US and North America)

Archaeology online : news

Archaeo News (from the web site, news on megaliths around the world)

Archéophile : actualités en collaboration avec le mensuel Archéologia (in french : news from the Archeologia french monthly)

Council for british archaeology, british and irish newsfeed (updated every five minutes !!)

Cultural Resources Management Network : Cultural Resources News (for North America)

National Geographic News : Archaeology and Paleontology

Orkneyjar - Orkney Archaeology News

Wessex Archaeology : News and Press releases

Yahoo news : anthropology and archaeology (for North America)
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A project to faithfully reconstruct a 7,000 year-old solar observatory, the oldest of its kind in Europe, began this week at Goseck in the German state of Saxony
June 4, 2005