1995 - 2015 : 20 years !

Allen Lutins, then an Anthropology student in the USA, started this web directory back in 1995: Anthropology Resources on the Internet (ARI). It was the first of the kind.

In 1999, I took it over from him, he did not then have enough time to keep the top quality of the contents.

I was then posted to France. If I remember correctly I would work between 1 and 5 AM to use my Internet provider's lower priced hours. Starting with 14,400 bauds modems to reach the servers. Later it went up quite fast to 28,800, then 33,600, easying night times because transfers of course were much faster and I could do more in the few hours before morning.

It has been some time I, like Allen, could not find the hours needed a week to correctly maintain the directory with over 5,000 links worldwide. It shows in the visits stats. 25,000 visits / month when the site was regularly updated, only slightly over 9,000 / month now !

I have thus decided to freeze the site waiting for a new structure to come out of the current work, and then give YOU the best in anthropology oriented web directories.

Meanwhile the African Archaeology directory, an offshoot from ARI, will continue developping here: www.african-archaeology.net .

It has been fun maintaining the directory throught he years and interacting by email with you worldwide.


Bernard Clist

You can still contact me if needed on bernard.clist@gmail.com
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