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For the list of canadian universities teaching archaeology and anthropology, click here.
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Archaeological Predictive Modelling in Ontario's forests

Archaeological Society of British Columbia

Archaeological Survey of Canada

Archaeology in Arctic North America

Archaeology in Kingston and Eastern Ontario, Canada (from the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation)

Archaeology in Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Museum)

Archaeology in Ontario (Ministry of Culture, Province of Ontario)

Archaeology of Ontario (archaeological synthesis proposed by the Ontario Archaeological Society)

Archaeology of Saskatchewan Waterways

Archeo 08 (Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada) (organisme sans but lucratif)

Association des archéologues du Québec

Association of Manitoba Archaeologists

Brian Thom's Coast Salish home page (archaeology, ethnography, lots of related links to resources)

British Columbia Archaeological Resource Management Handbook

British Columbia Association of Professional Consulting Archaeologists

British Columbia, Oil and Gas Commission : Archaeology

Canadian Archaeological Association

Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database (the main CARD database: over 6000 dates of archaeological and vertebrate palaeontological sites in Canada) (in english and in french)

Canadian Heritage Information Network, Artifacts Canada : Archaeological sites

Canadian Encyclopedia, The : Archaeology - Archaeological Sites, General

Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association/Société canadienne de sociologie et d'anthropologie (french and english)

Discovering the ancient house (Flash reader needed ! Xa'ytem archaeological site, Fraser river, British Columbia)

Five Ancient Cultures of the Northern Peninsula, The (Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland : Maritime Archaic Indian Group, the Groswater and Dorset Paleoeskimo Groups, the Recent Indians and also the European Period)

Kichi Sibi : tracing our regions's ancient history (Ottawa Valley)

Lavase River Archaeology Project, The

Les Pétroglyphes de Saint-Victor - The Saint-Victor Petroglyphs

Les sites rupestres de la forêt boréale, Québec

London Museum of Archaeology, University of Western Ontario - Canada

Manitoba Archaeological Society

Manitoba Archaeology

Manitoba Heritage Network (project of the Manitoba Archaeological Society)

Mapping ancient history - (an interactive map based on the CARD dates [see "software and files" page], that visually represents the location and spread of dated sites in Canada - in english and in french)

MacIntyre Creek Archaeology Project (Whitehorse, Yukon)

Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, Province of British Columbia, Archaeology Branch

New Brunswick's Oxbow site and Augustine Mound : archaeology (click here for the whole site. French and english versions available)

Northeast Lithic Database - NELD (includes Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia)

Ontario Archaeological Society

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Archaeological Predictive Modelling Project

Parks Canada - National Historic Sites of Canada : Archaeology at Parks Canada

Passions and Pastimes: Thomas Walter Edwin Sowter, the Ottawa Valley's first archaeologist

Province of Manitoba, Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Provincial Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador, Archaeology and Ethnology Pages

Qikiqtaruk - Inuvialuit Archaeology on Hershel Island (from the Government of Yukon, Department of Tourism and Culture web site)

Recherches archéologiques sur le PaléoIndien Récent, La Martre, Gaspésie (1997-1998) - Canada

Réseau Archéo-Québec (Archaeology in Quebec - Canada)

Saskatchewan Association of Professional Archaeologists

Saskatchewan Heritage Online

The five ancient cultures of the Northern Peninsula (Newfoundland)

The Grassy Island experience, archaeology - a step back in time

Underwater Archaeological Society of British Columbia

Vikings Discovery and Landing at L'Anse aux Meadows

Vinlandia. Vinland and the Vinland map

Wellcome to Old Kenneway, Ontario (kind of ethnoarchaeology !)

Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre (Government of Yukon, Dept. of Tourism and Culture, Museums Unit)

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Somerset Island, Canadian Arctic prehistoric Thule whalers settlement. Copywright J.P. Smol
Somerset Island, Canadian Arctic
prehistoric Thule whalers settlement
© J.P. Smol

Large lanceolated bifaces from station 12
La Martre, Gaspésie, Canada
Éric Chalifoux © 1999