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In francophone Africa, Archaeology is separate from Anthropology and can be found in the "Faculté des Lettres".

Algeria :

Algiers University
Département d'Archéologie :
Bénin :
Ecole du Patrimoine Africain :
Egypt : check The Egyptian Universities Network

The egyptian universities' web sites are bilingual, arabic and english, one exception : the Senghor University in Alexandria.

Ain Shams University (Cairo)
Antiquities Department, Faculty of Arts :

American University (Cairo)
Humanities and Social Sciences :

Cairo University (Cairo)
Faculty of Archaeology :
African Studies and Research Institute, Department of Anthropology :

Mansoura University (Mansoura)
Faculty of Arts (Egyptian Archaeology and Islamic Archeology) :

Tanta University (Tanta)
Faculty of Arts, Tanta Branch (archaeology) :
Faculty of Arts, Kafr El Sheikh Branch (archaeology) :

Université Senghor (Alexandria) (University set up by a francophone agency)
Département Gestion du Patrimoine Culturel (= Cultural Resources Management) :
Cours en ligne: Département Gestion du Patrimoine Culturel (online teaching, Cultural Resources Management) :
Kenya :
United States International University (Nairobi)
Cultural Anthropology :
Madagascar :
Université d'Antananarivo 'Antananarivo)
Institut de civilisations, musée d'art et d'archéologie :
Namibia :
University of Namibia
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences :
Nigeria :
University of Benin
Department of Sociology and Anthropology (Faculty of Social Sciences) :

University of Jos
Department of Sociology (Faculty of Social Sciences) :
South Africa :
Cape Town University (South Africa) :
Research Unit for the Archaeology of Cape Town :
Historical Archaeology Research Group, Historical Archaeology Laboratory :
Department of Archaeology :
Centre for African Studies :
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology :
Quaternary Research Centre, Western Cape :

Natal University(Durban) (South Africa) -

Natal University(Pietermaritzburg) (South Africa) -

Orange Free State University (South Africa) :
Anthropology Department :

Pretoria University (South Africa) :
Archaeology and Anthropology Department - no web site,
contact : - prof.J.B.Hartman

Rhodes University, Grahamstown (South Africa) :
Department of Anthropology -

South Africa University (South Africa) :
Department of Anthropology and Archaeology :

Stellenbosch University (South Africa) -

Vista University (South Africa) :

Western Cape University (South Africa) :
Department of Anthropology and Sociology : (frame site)
follow 'Academic'/'Arts'/'Anthro-Soc' to get to it.

Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg (South Africa) :
School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies :
Rock Art Research Institute :
Ancient Culture and Cognition in Africa Project :
Archaeological Resource Development Project :
Social Anthropology Department :

Zululand University (South Africa) :

Zimbabwe :
University of Zimbabwe
Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Sociology :
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Western Cape University, South Africa. Copywright : the University web site
Western Cape University,
South Africa